Life: Jo Rae Perkins has received the endorsement of Oregon Right to Life PAC. She is pro-life all the way; a fighter who defends life from “womb to the tomb.” Jo Rae believes “A society that embraces and celebrates debauchery, abortion, euthanasia, is not enlightened. It’s depraved.


Immigration: I stand with President Trump in expanding and fortifying the border wall. Immigrants are welcome that come into our nation legally. Pass laws that limits or stops federal dollars to any state, county, city, etc., that has declared “sanctuary status” for illegal aliens. Allowing illegal aliens to enter our country contributes to sex, human and

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Gun Ownership

Gun Ownership: I support the 2nd Amendment as it is written.

Toll Roads

Toll Roads: I will pressure the Department of Transportation to not allow tolling on Federal Roads. You already pay for the maintenance of all federal highways and freeways, through federal gas taxes.

Land Management

Land Management: Change Federal Land Management and regulations by allowing the State of Oregon to be in charge. Oregonians are capable of managing the land to its highest and most potential, while simultaneously, reducing the risk of wildfires, reduce pollution, save wildlife and their natural habitat.