Life: Jo Rae Perkins has received the endorsement of Oregon Right to Life PAC. She is pro-life all the way; a fighter who defends life from “womb to the tomb.” Jo Rae believes “A society that embraces and celebrates debauchery, abortion, euthanasia, is not enlightened. It’s depraved.

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Tyler Burk

I’m all for getting rid of the abortion clinics but don’t you believe we should should still have access to some type of this service for rape victims? I strongly believe we should keep some type of service for those incidents and the victims.

    Jo Rae Perkins

    Still have access to the right to kill an innocent pre-born baby? No. That is murder no matter how you try to spin it. What about rape or incest? Why should the life of an innocent baby be killed due to the act of the criminal. The girl or woman who has been raped or is a victim of incest needs proper counseling whether she becomes pregnant or not. By adding to the emotional pain she is already dealing with, why add the life long pain when she realizes an innocent baby was sacrificed? Counsel her to look at adoption. Thousands have done so, and are glad they chose that option. Why are people so quick to eliminate an innocent life?

    Jo Rae Perkins

    Hoping my previous answer posted. I respectfully disagree.

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